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Get Raw

Get Raw!

The "Get Raw" program is a must for every couple to begin connecting in the most amazing way! During Coach Jay's many years of couples counseling she has found a pain point that most couples do not tend to realize they are actually experiencing until it's too late. Society will tell you that infidelity continues to be one of the most common reasons relationships or marriages tend not to work. However, know that whether it is cheating, finances, family disagreements or even dissatisfaction with intimacy becomes an issue, the inability for couples to be honest with each other comes first. And if a relationship is lacking honesty, that means that there is a lack of safety is the important area of communication and/or environment. 


In this 8-week program you and your partner will be guided by Coach Jay in helping the two of you to get on the same page with one another by getting raw and stabilizing the relationship with healthy honesty which will help you and your partner to connect more deeply. 

You can expect in the "Get Raw" 8-week program to:

  • Learn How to Listen to One Another

  • Get to the Root of the Real Relationship Challenges 

  • Discovering Solutions for Real Time Disagreements

  • Understanding the Importance of Feeling Safe in Your Relationship 

  • Communicate More Effectively with Your Partner





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