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Friendship Coaching Is A Thing!

Who said that you and your friendship group can't be the best that y'all can be as a unit? Let me tell you that friendship coaching is a thing! We all know that friendships are just as complicated as other types of relationships and when there is more than 2 people involved, the plot can thicken. But the plot does have to thicken in a bad way. There is help!

As friendship groups grow over time there is a need to ensure that compassion, support, and consideration remains at the foundation. These friendship staples help to maintain the overall health of group dynamics while making sure that individuality is respected. Complications within group friendships many times begin when isolation is felt, disconnection has occurred, or when misunderstandings can't remedy themselves. Conflict resolution is vital and putting one unfortunate friend in the middle and then making them responsible for the stability of the relationship group isn’t fair, nor does it allow for much needed objectivity.

We’ve witnessed the worse of stories in the news that have taught us that the health of a friendship group matter. The individuals within that said collective matter. Important friendship groups are worth the effort. You no longer must pass notes back and forth that ask, “Are we friends yes, or no?” It most certainly can be! Friendships can be saved. Friendships can be healed. Friendships can be made whole. Your friendship group can be valuable again.

When I was growing up friendship coaching was NOT a thing! I can't tell you how many times I lost friendships due to issues that could have been worked out. I did not know I could choose help for my friendships. But now, you can. There is no time like the present. Book me. I CAN HELP!

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