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Graduating Fear

I was asked by my daughter when she saw my specialties, "What is midway support?" It is something that as I first began to practice as a therapist during my practicum God allowed me to identify. As I had more and more exposure to my clients' points of view which ranged in ages from 5 to 18. One very vital fact became clear, they were afraid to graduate! I know. I know. It blew me away too! However, as I began to dig through anxieties, low self-confidence, and stagnating fear it was clear to me that many were trying to avoid graduating to the next stage of life or were extremely apprehensive of the next stage.

We tend to assume a lot of things and one of them is that progressing to the next stage of life is exciting! No and no! For many it pressures their ability to be resilient while invoking intimidation. The question then becomes, "Can I rise to the occasion?" They honestly don't know, and what is worse they are afraid to say they don't know. So, they fake it. Do not ask questions. Do not get answers. In some cases, they disappear to a land of immature decision making which sabotages their progress. Graduating fear is REAL! Another way graduating fear shows up is in a lack of interest in what is known as common stage appropriate advancement, such as getting a driver's license or moving out of the home.

The steps to the next step can be scary, and when one is not sure of who they are, if they got what it takes to succeed or if they will measure up is why MIDWAY SUPPORT is a must! There is a need for individuals to be held in a space where they can expose the boogie man therefore turning on the light in their life with confidence and self-awareness in tow.

Lastly, let me reassure you that MIDWAY SUPPORT is not just for young. Actually, it is for all of us! Graduating fear will show up in a career promotion from one tier to another. It can also show up in a child or sibling when one changes from a single parent, brother or sister to a married parent, brother or sister. Not to mention when a parent endures marrying off their only child. And we really see this played out when an adored son marries a new wife and as he should, puts her first! Midway Support is needed for parents too! Afterall, it is a new stage of life that is occurring right before their eyes, and they are powerless to stop it. Yes, control and the speed of life is a factor as well!

I CAN HELP YOU! As a Life Coach, I will assist you in unpacking the obstacles to moving forward. You do not have to be afraid. Take my hand and let’s go. Book me today!

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