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Coach Jay Hunter

Coach Jay's Product Line 

Coach Jay has spent years and hundreds of hours developing products lines that offer services to help change, stabilize, reconcile and greatly improve communications within families, between couples and within individuals themselves. Below you will find a range of services for every type of relationship challenge that you may be encountering. Whether you are needing help with a friendship, intimate relationship, sibling, parent or within yourself, Coach Jay can help! Check out the products below, learn more and let's get started!   

Look In The Mirror

Mirror | Mirror

This 90-day program is just what you need if you know that it is time that you need to heal your relationship, with YOU! Mirror | Mirror is a program that brings you face to face with who you are, the health of your relationships with others and truth that you so vitally need to confront within yourself. If you say yes this is just what I need, get ready to be vulnerable, face the hard things, make some hard pivots, and for much needed self-reconciliation!

Recommended for individuals.


Mental Health Day

Oh Yes! This is what you think it is! A service provider that knows sometimes you just need a Mental Health Day...literally!  Coach Jay has created a 4-hour Mental Health Day where you can get the tune-up that you need! Get ready to exhale with a day of fun, a-ha's, motivation and healing!


Recommended for individuals, friends, and families. 

Feeling Alone

Fight OR Flight

Life is full of ups and downs, and it's hard to face the challenges that come our way. When it feels like everything is too much to handle, it can be difficult to find solutions. At Reposition NOW, we are committed to helping you find the courage to overcome any obstacle you face. Our experienced team has the knowledge and resources to provide you with the support and guidance you need to reposition yourself and thrive in every aspect of your life.

Recommended for individuals. 

Get Raw

Get Raw! 

Are you tired of your relationship feeling inauthentic? Do you feel like you aren't safe to say what needs to be said to your partner without serious consequences? Then Get Raw is the program for you! Spend 6 weeks with Coach Jay rebuilding emotional and mental safety in your relationship, establishing healthy communication and learning how to build a healthy environment for your relationship to thrive within.  

Recommended for couples.  

Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal

Reposition Now collaborates with you to help you heal with the world of relationships around you!

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