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Every opinion of your morals is met with the objection of today's trends. The pressure of it pushes you into a corner and dares you to buck back.


You got to choose between GOD and YOUR NEED FOR SEXUAL PLEASURE. Not to mention the unspoken competition between THE BAD GIRL and YOU, THE GOOD GIRL. Or is it the other way around? Decisions...

Hope Exposed

HOPE Exposed details the Author's journey to understanding the Power of HOPE. Author Jay takes her readers on her journey of self-discovery while guiding the reader on their path to exposing their own HOPE. HOPE Exposed eloquently illustrates that when real HOPE is ignited (or shows up), its power will heal the pain, despair and HOPElessness in our lives.

Poetry album

Poetry that inspires, comforts, and speaks to your heart. This spoken word album is the next level of poetry.

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