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Mirror | Mirrror


The Mirror, Mirror Coaching Program was birthed out of over 10 years of counseling, advising, and therapizing individuals and families on the importance of self-alignment. Building expertise in this area of inward disconnection has required hours of intent listening, and study on the science of human relationships, coupled with pastoral experience and the capacity to accurately observe how events in a person's life have misaligned them from within. When the reconnection is made, breakthroughs and healing will take place. 


Being disjointed inwardly has greatly impacted many people's quality of life! If that is you, I will simply say, "It's time to get on the same page with yourself!" There is a mindset, reset needed about you, within you. 


Know that the Mirror, Mirror Signature Coaching program was created to assist you with doing just that. When you sign up for the Mirror, Mirror Coaching Program, Coach Jay will accompany you through a self-reconciliation journey, including one-on-one sessions, the Mirror, Mirror guide, and a community of support. No more sleepless nights, a trail of broken relationships with others or self due to:


  • A Lack of Self-Trust

  • The Presence of Regret 

  • Self-Sabotaging Behavior

  • The Inability to Be Honest with Others and Yourself

  • Broken Self-Promises and much more!


During your 12-week journey throughout the Mirror |Mirror program you will gain: 


  • Self-Trust

  • Being Able to Say Bye-Bye to The Toxicity of Regret 

  • Self-Alignment

  • Honesty With Others and Self

  • The Ability To Keep Promises To Yourself Along With so much more!

Here is just some of what to expect to receive throughout your Mirror | Mirror journey:

  • 12 - 75 Minute Private 1 on 1 weekly sessions with Coach Jay

  • 90 Days of Check In Support

  • Worksheets & Guide

  • Implementation & Application Work Throughout Program

  • Reflection Texts & More....


Get signed up today to take the next step to getting on the same page with you and experience a mindset, reset about you within you! If you are serious about transformation sign-up TODAY! 





You Are More Ready Than You Think You Are. Fill Out Your Information And Click Submit.


5178 Westheimer Rd #1000


I'm Cheering For You As You Have Just Made Your First Step to Reposition NOW!

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